Covid-19: Französische Regierung informiert ausländische Unternehmen in Frankreich

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Angesichts der aktuellen Corona-Situation hat unser Partner BUSINESS FRANCE auf Englisch verschiedene Informationen  bezüglich des Arbeitsrechts für ausländische Unternehmen in Frankreich veröffentlicht.

Folgende Fragen werden beantwortet:

1. How can companies keep doing business during COVID-19 ?
2. How can I ensure my employees remain healthy and safe and keep operations running ?
3. What is the health-related guidance when a work area has proved to be contaminated ?
4. What if an employee at my company has a child under 16 at home, due to school closure in response to the crisis ?
5. Is it possible to increase employee’s working hours during this health crisis ?
6. What mechanisms can be used in case of business fluctuations as a result of the crisis ?
7. What are the general rules regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal ?
8. What is the role of the CSE and when should it be informed consulted ?
9. Do employers need to provide protective face masks to employees going to workd ? I have a stock of face maks that are subject to requisition or a supply that exceeds my needs : what is the correct procedure ?

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Dans le cadre du Covid-19, Business France a publié sur son site internet diverses informations relatives au droit social francais en langue anglaise à destination des entreprises étrangères installées en France.

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